Thursday, July 28, 2011

{Saturday Antiquing}

This past Saturday my family and I went antiquing at "Antiques Downtown" a little quaint shop in the historic downtown district of Thomasville. Not expecting to buy a whole lot......BUT when I got too looking around ALOT was spotted by my eye........First was a whole table of old antique books which I love,and is a must have for decorating! So after gathering up the ones I wanted, my eye then looked up at this low back vanity bench another must have! I could already see it done in my head.........

  In my head I was thinking Annie Sloan Old White with heavy distressing. A coat of clear wax,with a tad' of dark.....Then re-covered in a antique grain sack.....GREAT!
{It looked great at the end of my Mom and Dad's Bed}
But had to go to the shop to sell.....
{Grain Sack Greatness}

My next find was a Antique mirror with great details....The mirror has that antique smoking that I adore.........
Annie Sloan Louis Blue it would be with dry brushing in Old White. A lil' distressing and a coat of wax and WOW!
{It looked great in the dining room also!}
But off to the shop it went...

Both of these pieces now have new homes!!! And all of my pieces in the shop are GONE! Yay me.....but now it's time to re-stock..... In the next post I'll share with you what I found in the "More Stuff" building the Antique store owner let me go in Saturday...........

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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

WOW!!! What did I get myself into-

With my new side job I have been VERY...VERY...VERY busy! Which is GREAT but I have forgot about my blog. A couple of weeks ago I got a call from a friend wanting me to come by there house to look at a piece of furniture in there basement. So down in there basement I went to find a diamond in the rough. Just giving it a quick look over,I said sure it could be done. But little did I know,when I went to pick it up the next week boy was it in BAD shape! But I had to take the project on..... Here is where we started.

See what i mean by potential??? But boy was it in bad shape. A door in pieces, wobbly doors, a back board that wouldn't fit back in place,and I could go on...on...and on...... But it had to be done. I knew what my client had in mind, she was adding on a screened porch and had the perfect wall for this piece. Old worn out red is what it was going to be. So after all the repairs took place,the painting process started. Milk Paint in "Barn Red" was my choice. And may I add it's a great red...... Here is a close up-pic of the finished product.

I have to say I was very proud of the outcome of this piece!

I promise for my blogs not to be so few and far in between from now own!!! What does everyone think of this piece?!?!?!?!?
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